Alumni stories

If you are an alumni of the Edna W. Runner Tutorial Center and have a story to share, please let us know
* * *
Dr. Derrick Pollock credits that personal approach with helping him turn his academic life around when he moved to the West Jupiter community during middle school. Feeling like he didn’t fit in as the new kid in town was having a negative effect on his grades. Before he came to the Edna W. Runner Tutorial Center, Derrick says, “I didn’t care about my academics anymore. I just wasn’t interested.” A concerned administrator at school reached out to Edna and after she visited his mother one afternoon, Derrick started going to the Center.
As he began to feel accepted and encouraged, his love of learning returned. He notes, “Just having someone there that genuinely cared about me succeeding and not getting any gain as far as money… that really stood out to me.”
Like many of our students, Derrick thrived with his tutor’s help. He says when he learned something new, “seeing that rewarding look on their face made me feel good. It made me want to succeed even more, just having them continue to coach me and push me.”
It is often said that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. At the Edna W. Runner Tutorial Center, all of our programs are designed to ensure that each one of our students know that the community cares about them. We invite you to be part of a child’s success story.
“Because of the Center, I am where I am today. Because of the Center, I went and got my
bachelor’s, continued with my master’s, and now I have my doctorate degree.
Without a shadow of a doubt, I owe that to Tutorial Center.”
– Dr. Derrick Pollock