The Edna W. Runner Tutorial Center provides a safe and nurturing environment for kids to be kids.
Our buildings have separate classrooms for different ages and grade levels. Homework help and grade-appropriate lessons ensure that our students have the tools and knowledge they need to excel in class and on standardized tests. State of the art equipment like computers and smart boards, as well as books, reading nooks, and toys create a fun and vibrant learning environment.
While they are at the Center, our students enjoy healthy snacks that give them energy to play sports, learn musical instruments, read, and just hang out with their friends. Rather than sitting alone in front of a TV, they are engaged in activities that encourage positive social development and combat obesity.
The Edna W. Runner Tutorial Center is a model afterschool program, earning accolades from professional organizations and praise from parents. We offer exceptional out-of-school programs as well, during winter, spring, and summer breaks. Come take a tour of the Edna W. Runner Tutorial Center and see how we’re transforming afterschool time in the West Jupiter community.
“I have three young boys here in the program. I have directed afterschool programs, directed summer camps – the Tutorial Center is one of the best programs I have been involved with...  It’s a blessing to have a program in this area for our kids.”
- Parent

“Without the Center, this neighborhood wouldn’t be that good…
With the Center, I can say my kids have a first-class life.”
- Parent