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All voluntering this year will be in person!  We are so delighted to be bringing our vounteers back to the center.  To learn more about becoming a tutor or volunteering please visit the Volunteer page.  There you will find forms and information sheets for first time volunteers. 
The one-on-one supportive attention provided by tutors at the Edna W. Runner Tutorial Center has a transformative effect on the lives of our young learners. Tutoring has a positive impact on their academic performance, but it can also change the way they see themselves and their future. As a former student notes, “a lot of the kids don’t have someone in their lives that is investing in them, so although you might not see it right there in the beginning, all of the effort that you’re putting into that student, it really is going to flourish later on down the line.”
Our tutors gain an enormous benefit from their volunteer service, as well. Longtime tutor and volunteer Lee Owen says “since retiring, I have tried to involve myself with activities that provide me a sense of purpose. This particular involvement is a natural for me because I have always loved working with kids, and helping with education for disadvantaged families is a priority for Jenny and me. I started one day per week but quickly moved to two when Tamari asked me why I only came once. I find it rewarding and fun, particularly shooting hoops with the kids after our work is done! Having seen the great work that is being done at the Center, Jenny and I now support the work financially as well. If I had to summarize why I volunteer and support the Center in three words, it would be Tamari, Calvin and Gio.”
Experience the joy of giving by becoming a tutor at the Edna W. Runner Tutorial Center.

In-person Volunteer